How to Reach Out to Customers During the Stay-At-Home Order

With stay-at-home orders in place, your business is most likely seeing a decline in customers or you've had to close up shop completely. Don't just take a break and fade into the background. Make your business visible to clients right now!

Lake Printing has a few marketing ideas that can help to keep your business in customers' thoughts. Highlighting your best features or sharing helpful information now will help to keep you in their minds when everything calms down and gets more back to normal. Here are a few ways to do that. 

Direct Mailings
Most people are anxious for contact with the rest of the world outside of their home right now. That means the mail arriving every day is most likely a highlight of their new schedule. It's a link to the outside world away from computer screens and mobile devices. Our printing company in mid-Missouri can even mail your printed materials directly to your clients after we create them. 

If your business is still open, you could send information about updated services or products being sold. Another great idea is to send out coupons or discount codes they can use to purchase items. 

For businesses that are currently closed, you could send fun tips for staying busy while they are staying at home, an uplifting message, or clue them into what you're planning for the future during your time off.    

Signs & Banners
Putting up new, large, eye-catching banners outside of your business is another excellent way to draw attention to your store. This is an especially helpful item for businesses that are currently offering curbside pickup or delivery that did not offer those services before. Be sure to include your phone number and website details on the banner as well so they know exactly how to contact you to take advantage of your services. 

Vehicle Wraps
For companies that are delivering products to customers, custom vehicle wraps are like having a "business card on wheels" that travels all over town. When one person uses you to deliver items, their neighbors, as well as any other cars you pass on the road, will see your delivery vehicle and possibly think, "Hey, I could use them too!

Promotional Items 
This might be an idea to file away until you are seeing customers in person again, but many of our promotional marketing items could be sent to clients in the mail right now. Putting your name and logo on things that people are bound to use every day keeps you front and center in their life, keeping your brand front and center in their minds. 

Some promo items that we offer that would be getting plenty of use right now include hand sanitizer, toilet paper (yes, we can print on that too!), calendars, hats (we are seeing lots of those worn during online meetings!), and bottle openers, to name a few. Every time those items are used, the user will think about you, if only for a moment. 

Keep your business visible during this "down-time" and when things get more back to normal, people will remember who to go to for the many things they need. If you need a little inspiration, Lake Printing in Osage Beach can help you create eye-catching, informative marketing materials that will show customers that you are the right person for the job. 

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