Create a Business Card That Really Stands Out

Business cards are an essential tool for marketing your business. They should create a first impression that makes people want to know more about what you do. At Lake Printing Company, we have a wide variety of business cards for you to choose from and multiple ways to design and enhance them so that your brand leaves a memorable impression. 

It is important to recognize that a business card should not only look good, but it should feel good too. This can be accomplished with a visually and tactually pleasing business card. Our mid-Missouri printing company offers several finishing services for business cards that can enhance them dramatically. 

As we like to say, "If you think it, we can ink it!" Of course, if you need a bit of help in the design area, our talented graphic designers are here to lend a hand. Here are some other ways that we can make your business card really stand out.

Foil Sampling
Business cards with a foil print often portray a touch of elegance. If you are looking for a minimal yet classy option for your business card, getting a foil stamp on a more monochrome background can really make a statement. A metallic stamp of your business logo, for example, may be all you need if you are looking for a clean but impactful business card.

UV Coating
(gloss, dull, or soft-touch)
UV coatings are visually pleasing, especially for business cards that have strong photographic backgrounds. The photos really pop on a business card when this finish is used.
UV coatings provide the highest gloss, so it could be ideal for a photography company, or any artistic company that wants to showcase their work on a business card. UV coatings are a way to draw the eye immediately to an image or logo for your business.

Aqueous Coating
(dull or gloss)
Aqueous coatings are ideal for business cards as they provide a surface (either a full matte coating or a full gloss coating) that deters fingerprints and dirt. This coating also improves the durability of business cards. 

Potential clients may be putting your card in a wallet, or you yourself may be carrying business cards in your wallet. By using an Aqueous coat, they are less likely to become scuffed than a business card without the coating applied. Aqueous coating is also popular because it is a water-based coating and therefore more environmentally friendly than UV coating.

In addition to printing quality business cards in standard sizes and one-dimensional shapes, we can also custom design your business card by using die cutting. This allows you to become more creative with your business card format and makes a very exciting first impression. Customizing the shape of your business card can be another fun way to draw in potential clients.

Well thought out, beautifully designed, high-quality custom business cards will give you the kind of first impression that will make customers take notice of you and your business. Trust Lake Printing Company create a business card that all of your competitors will be jealous of! 

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