Unique Promotional Items That Make Customers Remember You

It's important that promotional products for a business have your name and contact information on them but they don't necessarily have to match the service your business provides. If the promo item you are passing out is unique, eye-catching, and useful, people are more likely to keep it and be reminded of you each time it is used.

Lake Printing Company at the Lake of the Ozarks can turn just about anything into a wonderful tool for promoting your company. Today we are featuring some fun, quirky, and unique ideas that are great for grabbing a new customer's attention and keeping current customers interested.

Follow Popular Trends
Current events and trends always bring particular items to the forefront of people's attention. For example, with the health scare keeping everyone at home right now, things like hand sanitizer, reusable face masks, and for some strange reason, toilet paper are extremely sought after items.

Keep an eye on what people are currently intrigued with and provide those items to them. If it's something that is likely to be used after the trend is over too, even better.

Light 'em Up
Anything that glows in the dark is always an attention-getter. Promo items that light up, like the mug and liquid-activated ice cubes below will come in handy when people are having a good time. When they are enjoying themselves and see a reminder of your business logo at the same time, they are more likely to associate you with that feeling.

Glow in the dark items you can put your name on while people are partying aren't the extent of this type of promo item. We can also add your branding to playful things like frisbies, yo-yos, battery-operated fans, and more.

Novelty Containers
Everyday items will be used no matter how they are packaged but if your promotional packaging stands out from the norm, your business will stand out too. Sometimes, the goofier the better, like putting a big, silly head on the top of a suntan lotion container.

Mints, candy, and gum are always popular promo items because, after all, no one can resist tasty treats. When you offer those goodies in a novelty container that matches something to do with your industry, that's a bonus.

Phone Chargers
Phone chargers may not be quite as quirky as some of the promo items we have mentioned above but they are most definitely an in-demand product that everyone with a cell phone (which is pretty much everyone) will want to get their hands on. Customers are very likely to keep this item close-by at all times, keeping your company's information near them so it's always easy to find when they need your services. From chargers on keychains to wireless chargers and even chargers with makeup mirrors attached, this particular promotional item comes in a wide array of choices.

There are a few ideas to get you started, but we are able to market your business on just about any item you like. You may be surprised at what you'll find in the Lake Printing online catalog. How do you want your business to stand out? Let our printing company in the Midwest help you make that happen!

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