Grab Customers' Attention with Wide-Format Printing

The printer in your office is sufficient for every day small print jobs that require little in the way of quality, size options, and durability. There are many instances when your business will need to print items on a much larger scale the typical piece of paper that will be used to promote your services.  For those jobs, wide-format printing for your business is what you are looking for. 

The office printer's limited features may prevent you from achieving the desired effect. Lake Printing Company has the capability to provide wide-format printing in a variety of sizes, in large quantities, and we can get them to you quickly. Interested? Here are 3 benefits of wide-format printing that highlight the reasons this is a tremendous marketing tool. 

Eye-Catching Large-Width Media
Wide-format printers can handle and yield print media much greater than the standard print job. The designs are often printed on large rolls rather than on separate sheets. Because of their capacity to produce refined prints in grand sizes, large-format copiers are highly efficient in printing marketing signage, banners, and more. The quick printing capabilities also mean that the turnaround time for print material is minimal. 

Better Image Refinement
While wide-format printers are categorized as inkjet, lasers, thermal, or electrostatic, in theory, they all employ droplet technology. This is a system that utilizes microscopic drops and a high-precision ejection process. 

One of the challenges with regular printers is that ink sometimes tends to smudge, blur, or overlap where images and text are found in the same document. With our wide-format printer, regardless of your chosen printing speed or whether you are printing a high-resolution image or a low DPI image, print quality remains consistently vibrant, sharp, and finely detailed. This machine can identify text and graphics separately so lines are sharper, making text and images much more distinct from each other. 

Quick, Accurate, & Convenient
These copiers are designed for speedy printing, producing high-quality prints at a rate of 125 to 5,000 square feet an hour. That means it is possible to print 10 massive posters in the span of 15 minutes! Given their speed, accuracy, and convenience, wide-format printers allow Lake Printing to provide greater efficiency and productivity. Another added bonus is that wide-format printing is more affordable than screen printing. 

Large-scale prints may be just what your business needs to grab the attention of the customers you want. Lake Printing Company can handle those printing needs and provide a service that is high-quality, flexible, and convenient. Give us a call today at 573-346-0600 or request a free quote online and let Lake Printing provide the best print marketing for your business

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